Freak Thing

I had a few dishes drying in the sink and when I finally got to putting them away I saw something green and did a double take.
I had six inches of something GROWING out of my sink’s garbage disposal thing. Keep in mind, I never use it or put anything more than occasional water down there. I think those things are stinky and unhygienic and when I finally get my own house will have two proper sinks and not one sink and one incubator of evil.

I figured the “soil” down there would be pretty loose so I should be able to pull it and get its roots to transplant (wanted to see what it would grow into y’know) but the stupid thing snapped off. To be honest, I felt violated by the whole thing. First the inconvenient disposal thing, second the plant growing out of it, and third — I was forced to kill it. I hate killing things. Yes, even plants. I like it being a conscious thing and not an accident like this.

I felt bad so I thought it would enjoy a nice, wet Florida vacation. I’m hoping that whatever it is it will want to grow new roots. I doubt it but it has been a few days now and it looks pretty comfortable in the glass of water. No roots yet though.