Got my hair cut and highlighted. Short trip to the dollar store for a hat…

Fall is my favorite season. Look at those colors starting to show!

Took the dog for a walk at a cemetery. She was on high alert because of all the birds and squirrels. Eventually she was drained and I had to carry her to the car. Not every day your arms get sore from a walk!


Everyone likes a good costume drama, right?

I grew up watching a lot of costume dramas as a kid. The original Upstairs Downstairs is a prime example. That’s what happens when you are a kid with a huge attention span. Probably less alarming than my other hobby which was watching cspan or The Mclaughlin Group. Anyway, here is a list of some of my favorites chronologically through history, not production dates. It shifts to mystery/crime drama toward the end.

Most of you have probably seen at least one of these, but if you are looking for something new try out one of the others or go through them chronologically which could be fun.

North & South
1855 Industrial Revolution themed series.

1895 drama of a female doctor running a free clinic in the East End.

Duchess of Duke Street
1900s drama based on the real-life career of Rosa Lewis who worked her way up from servant to cook to running a hotel.

Downton Abbey
Parlor drama (classic Upstairs Downstairs style) starting in 1912.

Mystery series set in the 1930s.

Foyle’s War
Mystery series set in the domestic front of 1940s WWII.

Life on Mars
1970s (or is it reeeally?) crime drama.