Chibi USWNT!

Rapinoe, Wambach, and Solo!

Chibi version of of the US Women’s National Team. Rapinoe, Wambach, Solo! Yeah, my love of sports manga has bled over into my love of the USWNT. So this happened. I am planning on doing more. Like a Azumanga Daioh comic version.

Still into soccer.

I regret nothing!

My favorite player Rapinoe and some of the rest of the team were the Rachel Maddow show yesterday. I don’t get msnbc and also live under a rock as far as current tv figures go, but aparently Maddow is a somebody and in this situation she is a super fan girl of the team and was more nervous than they were during it. It was a cute interview. Roommates for Life got to do their Wild Turkey handshake. Clutch as usual. I didn’t think it was possible Pinoe could get any cuter, but then she discovered makeup and I was proven wrong. I’m really impressed with how well everyone is handling the media. No sleep, constantly talking about the worst moment of their careers, and they’ve come together and found a way to get through it.

What else was awesome? Solo and Wambach were on Letterman last night.  A few things: Wambach totally owned all of Letterman’s attacks. Dude was as sketchy as usual, but she out played him with her sense of humor. It was awesome. Solo also was bringing the swag. He tried to bring up 2007 and she was having none of it. She also had an awesome story about her friend from the Japanese team coming over to talk to her after their win and not smiling or anything because she knew how much losing hurt Solo. Solo actually had to tell her it was ok to celebrate with her. Oh my real life shoujo sports manga.

The coolest thing, the thing that makes all your arguments invalid — Solo scores through a moving taxi door while wearing a dress. Letterman stupidly asked her if she can even kick and I guess the look she gave him caused him to be all “calm down” *inches away* Don’t tell her she can’t do something. She won a contact lens inserting challenge against Abby. She wins that battle and then says “Take that Donovan.”