Play time.

I did these while watching tv tonight. I had bought some pens last week and I am just now trying to see how they react to the paint and what effects I can get out of them. I am really excited about doing my own Christmas cards and gifts this year, but I want to develop a specific look and to do that I need to see how much shading I want to do with the pencils, what kind of pen lines I like, and a general color palette. Sorry for such bad photos. It will be a while before I can get these properly scanned in and not just a photo. So far I discovered that my eraser smudges the ink even an hour later. So much for getting rid of pencil lines easily. Ink and paint play well together, but I am torn on the black lines. I think I want them to be a warm brown. Boo.


Rock Cut State Park

I joined an “Adventure Club” in order to go hiking and canoeing and stuff with a group. Here is a shot of the lake. Not huge, but a good deal bigger than most around here. Walking around it is around five miles I think they said.

And yes, I didn’t bother getting out of the car.