Tuesday Trio

The subject is favorite covers.

The Dandy Warhols – 16 Tons
He has so much fun with his voice. What boys.

Over the Rhine – Fever
My favorite female singer ever.

MATTEO – This Must Be The Place
So carefree. I dare you to try to frown during this.  Your face might fight back.


Hope Solo Memoir & Nike is finally selling her jersey

Hope Solo Jersey

Hope’s kit is finally for sale!

No news on youth sizes but there is an extra small which would likely work for most kids I’d think. There are no men’s kits either. Maybe if Tim Howard’s fans worked as hard as Hope’s did on getting a kit made there would be a blank one to put her name on. Trust me, it wasn’t easy getting what we did. 1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a twitter war! Eventually ten months later they caved in to our sane and rational arguments  incessant tweeting. We get stuff done.

Order the book/ebook at Amazon or your bookstore of choice.

There is also a children’s version of her biography called Hope: My Story which I assume cuts out all the naughty bits and has a message for kids. More like a book report kind of biography. In fact on twitter she said this version was very much PG. Considering how crazy her life has been I’d suggest getting this one for your kids over the adult version.

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Friday Four | 11

Heartless Bastards – Only For You
I’ve been listening to this band for years. There is just something about her voice. This particular song is so free sounding compared to their sophomore album. Their first album is raw and powerful, sophomore album a tad meandery, but this new album and song in particular is toe-curling-good.

Garbage – Blood for Poppies
The ’90s are calling and I will fight you for that phone. Always loved Garbage. Even when they pulled that stunt and wouldn’t let their song be on the LIFE DVD set. (Ok, maybe I’m harboring some side-eye over that still.)

Chris Isaak – Two Hearts
If Justin Hayward and Morrissey could spawn this is what would happen. Guh. I love his voice.

Beach House – On the Sea
Where did this band come from? No clue but they are awesome. Something vaguely Annie Lennox about the vocals. And I love the new wavy thing going on. Sorry, sorry. I should not be allowed to talk about music.