Luther 2×03

Luther 2x03

Ok, so that was proper scary. And how great is it that Luther can manage to be scary even in its closing credits? So far series two has managed to be scarier than series one while not being quite as good. Oh well. It is still better than anything else out there right now. Luther wears a band-aid in this episode.

Falling Skies 1×3

Falling Skies 1x02

Still on the fence here. While there are a few actors I really like (one which has been kidnapped and likely out of view for a while…grrr) the show itself is neither hot or cold. Hey, you’re TNT. You should be able to push things. AMC’s mistakes are better than this. The bad child acting got worse, the B plot involved a prison cook (sigh), and characters take turns being stupid to keep the A plot going. It is a short series which I thought would meant the typical American bloat wouldn’t be there but here it is already. Which shouldn’t be so surprising considering the people behind Heroes, Into the West (aka how to make the wild west boring), and The Patriot are working on it. It’s DNA is suspect, but perhaps some of the actors can make it worth sticking with. I would have loved this when I was 14, but come on TNT. That’s not who you are targeting, right?